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Whether business or personal, there is a reason for a person to own at least one cabinet or desk that is protected with a lock. But what happens if you own such a cabinet or desk and you lose the key? Is there a remedy? You could break into the cabinet or desk. However, that is not advised because you will ultimately need to repair or replace it and that may prove to be costly. The best option is for you to contact a locksmith, like Mobile Locksmith. We are able to pick the lock so that you can quickly get to what you need. However, this is a temporary remedy. For a more permanent fix, our locksmith may be able to create a replacement key that can be used to unlock the cabinet or desk or replace the lock all together.

Replacing your lost desk or cabinet keys.

If you lose the key to your desk or cabinet, write down the brand name, model name, style of the item and note if it is vertical or lateral. Include the serial and model number of the cabinet drawers. Then, contact one of our expert locksmiths at (813) 545-5462 and provide him with the information. The data you supply will help us find a replacement key that we may have in stock or it will assist us in making a replacement key for you. Of course, you can plan ahead and ask our locksmith to make a copy of the key so you have one on hand if you lose the original.

Replacing locks on your desk or cabinet.

It is not uncommon for a person who has lost a key to a cabinet or desk to replace the lock. If you are storing valuable items in the cabinet or desk, it is not unwise to do so because the person who finds the lost key could use it to get to your property.

  • Hammer
  • Chisel/drill
  • Pliers

The 4 easy steps we use to replace your cabinet or desk lock.

  1. Use the hammer, chisel, and drill to remove the cylinder at the center of the lock.
  2. Find the lock’s C-Clip. It connects the lock to the walls of the cabinet.
  3. Use the pliers to pull off the C-Clip.
  4. Pull the lock out of its notch.

Now that we have the lock in hand, our locksmith can identify the proper replacement and perform the installation. For more information about replacing keys or locks for a cabinet or desk in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas, call us (813) 545-5462. We are here to serve you for any cabinet and desk key lock issue you may encounter!


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