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All modern cars will feature an Electronic Control Unit or ECU. The function of this component is to run not only the engine but to coordinate various other things that make a modern car work properly. This ECU will feature a pre-programmed computer chip which is not dissimilar to those that you will find in your laptop. Sometimes these systems can fail, if they have been damaged through an accident for example. There is a process known as ECU cloning which effectively takes a copy of the data on the original ECU and copies it to a new one. Purchasing a new ECU from a dealer can be costly, but with a specialist company who offers ECU cloning, they will be able to transfer all of the data stored on the original (damaged) ECU to the new one before it is installed into your car. An ECU system may need to be cloned for many reasons. These systems are prone to water damage as water can build up around the system and leak into it causing damage that can be expensive to put right. Another reason is crash damage. Many ECUs are situated in wheel arches or to the front or side of the engine, making them an easy target in a crash.

How Can You Tell If Your Vehicle’s ECM is Bad?

  • Check engine light turns on
  • Stalling or misfiring engine
  • Engine performance problems
  • Car won’t start
  • Poor fuel economy

We are specialist providers of ECU Clones and we can expertly transfer all of the data and test your ECU clone, so you’ll be up and running again in no time at all.


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1936 Bruce B. Downs Blvd #433 Wesley Chapel, FL 33544