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Professional lock rekeying services for homes and businesses in the Tampa Bay, FL area.

For security reasons, new owners often completely replace all of the locks at their recently purchased home or business. While this accomplishes the purpose, rekeying is usually more economical. Many people are not aware that locks can be rekeyed. This may be a better option than replacing every lock on the property.

Rekeying is a process whereby our locksmith adjusts the internal mechanism inside the lock so that a different key will now be required to unlock your door. The existing door locks remain but your old keys will no longer function. Rekeying your new home or business is a more cost-effective option than replacing all the locks. We will retain the body of the original lock and simply adjust its internal key pins. Only a well trained and professional locksmith should be trusted to perform a lock rekeying service for your home or business. Mobile Locksmith offers expert lock rekeying services for homes or businesses located in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas.

The top reasons you should rekey your home or business.

Mobile Locksmith rekeys residential and commercial properties for many different reasons. Your property should be rekeyed because:

  • You have purchased a new home or business. In this situation, previous owners, their friends, family or prior employees no longer need to have access. Rekeying is the best way to ensure that your new property is secure.
  • Your roommate has moved out. For obvious reasons, it’s time to rekey.
  • You have terminated an employee who carried your business's key(s). Keys are often very easy to duplicate. Even if the employee has returned your original key, he or she may still be able to gain entry into your business using a duplicate. These days, allowing a potentially disgruntled employee access to your business isn't wise. Rekeying the locks is a simple solution and is important to ensure security.
  • It may be more convenient when all the locks in your home or business use the same key. Mobile Locksmith can rekey the locks so that only 1 key is needed to operate all the locks on your property.
  • After a renter moves out, rekeying the locks in your home or business will enhance security. By rekeying, previous renters (or anyone they have given a key to) will no longer be able to access the property.
  • Your keys have been lost, stolen or not returned. Rekeying your locks is a necessity in this situation.

If you are in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon or surrounding areas call us today at (813) 545-5462. We will dispatch an experienced locksmith to rekey any or all of the locks located at your home or business, as you desire.


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