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Damage-free auto lockout services in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas.

Let’s face it getting locked out of your car is upsetting. You realize this will be a major inconvenience and could begin to panic. You may consider attempting to unlock the car yourself, which is not a good option as inadvertent damage to your auto locks can result. Calling the professionals at Mobile Locksmith is your best option for any auto lockout service. We will arrive at your location quickly and have your vehicle unlocked in no time. If you are located in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon or surrounding areas, we are the trusted locksmiths you can count on. Our technicians are highly skilled and are familiar with the wide variety of tools and techniques necessary to unlock your vehicle's door quickly and safely.

Wedges, these are the most common tools used among our locksmiths and locksmiths nationwide. “Wedging” is the most harmless and safest even though it looks more harmful to your vehicle than what it is. We push the wedge between the vehicle door and the frame, creating a point of entry for a long reaching tool. An air wedge can also be used, this is an inflatable bag that is slipped between the car or truck door and the frame. Then our locksmith technicians inflate the bag and this creates a point of entry for a long reaching tool to unlock the vehicle.

Probe Tools, they are the long reaching tools often used in conjunction with the wedge. Probe tools are pushed through the opening the wedge created and is used to release the lock. The way these tools are used all depends on the vehicle's make and model. Some cars need a probe with a hook because some vehicles have side sliding locks. Our locksmiths have all the knowledge and tools to safely unlock your vehicle.

Closed Doorway Tools, also frequently referred to by the public as a Slim Jim. This is what the majority of people think a locksmith will use to open a locked car. The closed doorway tool is placed between the vehicles window glass and the doors weather stripping. This is best used on upright locks or post locks with some exceptions. There are many other closed doorway tools like the Autobuster tool or the Japanese tool depending on the make, model and type of lock your vehicle has. Closed doorway tools require skill and the finesse of a professional locksmith.

What if your keys are accidentally locked in your trunk ?

Locking your keys in the trunk of your car can happen to anyone. Regardless of the reason, our locksmiths can retrieve the keys for you. We have the experience and tools to get your keys out of your trunk safely and quickly and perform any necessary auto lockout service. Regardless of the make or model of the vehicle, or the security it uses, our locksmiths will have your trunk open quickly. And, rest assured, there will be no inadvertent damage to your vehicle. Please recognize that different vehicles have different security features. Trunks possessing additional security features may take more time to unlock. However, Mobile Locksmith automotive locksmiths will always be able to unlock your trunk and retrieve your keys. You will be on your way in no time after you call Mobile Locksmith at (813) 545-5462. We have become the most trusted company in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas for all auto lockout services.


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Mobile Locksmith was founded by Mike Widlak over 17+ years ago and has been serving the Greater Tampa Bay, FL and the surrounding areas ever since. The company is a family owned and operated business and take pride in serving their neighbors with dedication and honesty.

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