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Securing your mailbox in Hillsborough and Pasco county.

With the increase in technology, people do not consider how others could steal their identity through the mail. While technology has improved, this is still an easy way for people to get their hands on your information. As such, it is best to have a lock on your mailbox. Locked mailboxes are especially helpful when you live in a rural area and the chances of someone stealing your mail increases because it is easier for it to go unnoticed.

A mailbox lock is simple; it is a mailbox that is secured with a key. It is the best way to protect your incoming mail from potential thieves. The only downfall of a locked mailbox? The outgoing mail will need to be placed in a federal mailbox or taken to the post office to have it sent. Otherwise, the locked mailbox would need to be unlocked, which would leave your mail unsecured.

Purchase a lockable mailbox for your needs.

Locked mailboxes come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. As such, the prices of a locked mailbox range from around just under $100 or more. It is better to have a secured mailbox on the property, making it more convenient, rather than renting a P.O. Box because this mailbox is owned after one purchase price.

Installation and replacement services for your mailbox locks.

Lock replacement services are for when the lock no longer functions, or the key is lost. The locks for the mailbox are replaceable; however, it is better to have a professional locksmith for the job:

  1. Our locksmiths have knowledge on locks and how to not only install them originally, but also how to replace the locks.
  2. If it is not privately owned property, our locksmith has more experience and is responsible for the installation and replacement.
  3. Our locksmith lowers your stress of the installation process by having someone else do it and knowing that it is taken care of by professionals.

Contact our expert locksmiths at Mobile Locksmith for mailbox key replacement, lockouts or rekeying services. Our locksmiths have the skills and abilities to assist any of our customers in securing their mailboxes. Call us at (813) 545-5462 for fast service in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas!


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