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We repair and replace sliding glass door locks in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas.

Sliding glass doors are a popular method to enter or exit a home. Besides being practical, the door offers a window that allows the family to view both nature’s fury and beauty from the comfort of a heated or air-conditioned abode. In Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas, in fact, in all of Florida we love being outside and enjoy letting the sunlight penetrate our home from our patio doors.

However, at times, these doors may possess a lock that is broken or simply unable to secure the door. Such locks make sliding glass doors vulnerable for a break-in. According to the Hillsborough County, Florida Sherriff’s Office, there were 5,184 burglaries in the county in 2016.

What you should consider when replacing your patio door locks.

Both steel mortise style locks and cast aluminum alloy locks are commonly used to secure sliding glass doors.

The steel mortise lock is used on wood, vinyl and aluminum-framed sliding glass or patio doors. It is considered to be more secure than the cast aluminum lock.

There are several different varieties of steel mortise style locks. This type of lock is used in the aluminum-frame of a sliding glass door and is typically recess cut into the frame. Wooden-frame sliding glass doors commonly have a steel lock mortised inside a pocket of the frame.

In some cases, there is a door handle with long screws penetrating the steel mortised lock as well as a lever that slides into a rectangular hole in the lock. In this case, it is advised that one purchase the specific steel lock assembly designed to be installed into the door and re-use both the original handle and lever.

Things to consider when selecting the proper replacement lock include:

  • Width of the lock.
  • Configuration of the end faceplate (i.e. round or square).
  • Screw hole size.
  • The distance between the centers of the mounting screws.
  • Name of the manufacturer of the door.
  • Position of the keyway.

It is suggested that you take a digital photograph of the lock to show our locksmith to assist him or her in selecting the proper replacement for your door.

We have expertise in all types of patio door locks and latches. For more information on securing your sliding glass door, contact Mobile Locksmith at (813) 545-5462. We provide our patio door locksmith services to Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas.


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