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Due to their popularity and use, it appears that safes are the chosen alternative for protecting valuables including jewelry, cash, historic artifacts, personal documents, and cherished personal memorabilia. Also known as a strongbox or coffer, a safe can come in different sizes, but must follow a number of restrictions. For example, it must be burglar, fire, and environmental resilient; it must feature a combination, key, time lock, or electronic lock; and it must be specifically designed for a particular location such as recessed into a wall, standalone, etc. There are also variations of safes, also known as hidden safes that are made from an otherwise inconspicuous object like a book.

Our locksmiths can open your safe without the key or combination.

Safes use a combination lock or lock mechanism that requires a key to open. To open a combination lock a knob or dial has to be turned at least 4 times to the left and stopped on a specific first number; 3 times to the right and then stopped on a specific second number; 2 times back to the left and stopped at a specific third number; then turned slowly back to the right until it stops to engage the lock. As long as you know the lock combination opening the safe is not a difficult task. In fact, it is very easy. That’s why they are so popular. However, if you forget the combination or if the lock breaks, then you may not be able to open the safe.

Should this occur, owners of safes have been known to use a number of alternatives to force the safe open including prying the door and a bolt out of the doorframe or cutting it with a torch or saw. Both of these methods are not advised because they are time-consuming and will damage the safe. If you should find yourself in this situation, the best thing you can do is contact Mobile Locksmith so we can dispatch one of our locksmiths to your location. Our locksmiths are skilled in using a number of methods that can open the safe quickly without damaging it.

The methods our locksmith might use include manipulating the combination lock or drilling into it and either inserting an instrument that allows the locksmith to visually see how to open the lock or insert a borescope into the hole to guide them in opening the safe. If the safe uses a key rather than a combination lock and you have lost the key, then inspect the safe for the name of the manufacturer and model number and write it down. In addition, include the approximate size of the safe and any information printed on tags that are attached to the safe and provide this to our locksmith. We will use the data to find a replacement key that will allow us to open the safe. Don’t rely on just any locksmith you may find in the Yellow Pages. Instead, select one that is certified and licensed. For more information on opening a safe, contact Mobile Locksmith at (813) 545-5462. Our safe locksmith services are available in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas or Hillsborough and Pasco counties.


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